Drag & Drop to accumulate web page locations (URL's).

A left mouse button click in address bar will highlight the URL, keep the left mouse button pressed in the address bar and move the pointer to the left hand side in the Study Place and release the mouse button. A simple drag & drop.



New Release: Linear Browser Component is released as a freeware for programmers. Programmers are no more restricted to single page web browsing component, they can utilize the power of linear browsing. 19 March 2015
Raza is working on Linear Desktop (LD) for his Master's project. He worked hard to transform "Zero Point" functionality into Linear Desktop. He has a keen eye for correct style of coding and software structures.
Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge
An organized collection of URL's to share. Exclusively for NotJustBrowsing® users.
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is a linear solution for all your needs. To be released soon.
NotJustBrowsing® for Mobile
NotJustBrowsing® for mobile devices. To be released soon.
Linear Browser Component
Use Linear Browser instead of Web Browser component. Linear browsing power for programmers.
Verbial Iconic Menu System Library (.dll) for programmers to utilize for the creation of customized menus for their applications.


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