Trident (also known as MSHTML) is the name of the layout engine for the Microsoft Windows version of Internet Explorer®. The view of contents using Trident will be the same as if the contents are viewed using Internet Explorer® itself.

Gecko® is the open source, free software web browser layout engine used in all Mozilla-branded software and its derivatives, including Firefox and later Netscape releases.


What is different?

1. Twin Engine: This version is capable of browsing using two engines (Gecko®, Trident).

2. NotJustBrowsing® is driven by Gecko® engine as its main source and Trident can be used when required (e.g, viewing local file system).

3. A website will be viewed using the same engine that was initially used to view the page and from where this website link was collected.

4. General activity indicators: On the top right hand corner (as seen in picture), there are two wipers. Each wiper represents activity of one engine. Left wiper for Gecko® and right wiper for Trident.

This can be one of the indications of which browsing engine is in use.

5. There will be a new browsing pane for each item that a user will double click on to in the Study Place.




Q. How to open a website using Trident engine?

A. Type local drive (e.g., C:\) and press "New browser" button (first on the left of address box). A Trident based browsing window will appear, displaying the contents of "C:\" . Now either type or paste (Ctrl+V) the webpage location that you may wish to view using Trident layout engine.

Q. Using Trident engine to view secure web pages?

A. Type secure web page address (starting from https://) in address box and press "New browser" button (first on the left of address box). A Trident based browsing window will appear, displaying the contents of addressed secure page.

Q. How to switch from one type of display (engine) to another type of display (engine)?

A. From Trident type display to Gecko® type display:

Type any ordinary web page address and press "New Browser" button.


New browser will be of desired type.

From Gecko® type display to Trident type display:

Type local drive or any secure web page address and press "New Browser" button.





Gecko® is a registered trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation.

Internet Explorer® is a trade mark of Microsoft Corporation.

New Release: Linear Browser Component is released as a freeware for programmers. Programmers are no more restricted to single page web browsing component, they can utilize the power of linear browsing. 19 March 2015
Umair is working towards the creation of a new search engine. Impact of his hard legendary work will be very far reaching.
Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge
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NotJustBrowsing® Desktop
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is a linear solution for all your needs. To be released soon.
NotJustBrowsing® for Mobile
NotJustBrowsing® for mobile devices. To be released soon.
Linear Browser Component
Use Linear Browser instead of Web Browser component. Linear browsing power for programmers.
Verbial Iconic Menu System Library (.dll) for programmers to utilize for the creation of customized menus for their applications.


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