Distributed Intranet
There is a clear gap of communication between different parts of organizations. Intranet was not meant to solve this communication gap but it can be used to build the bridges between different sections of the organization. Active participation of the employees throughout the organization can energize the organization.
The contents currently available on internet and on Intranet are static in nature. Until this staticity is changed into dynamicity, www platform will fail to meet the requirements of the modern world.
Dynamic Contents? Contents placed on Intranet or internet are static until they are written and placed by a person other than the one who is producing the contents.
Contents produced by one and placed by another may hardly be read by anybody but may be appreciated by all.
If all the employees are doing something for organization (if ?) then they can all describe what they are doing. This description of what they are doing should theoretically constitute an Intranet of the company.
NotJustBrowsing will help the formation of different views from these available contents for different users at different levels. These contents will be dynamic (ever changing) and will produce a moving picture of the organization.
Real value of an organization will be evident from the contents of their Intranet.

Management of an organization can be improved by the use of NotJustBrowsing. Management views can be produced for all levels of management in an organization.
A top level management board should be able to see all the activities in the organization through especially developed views for this purpose.
Context Note: A view is a "Collection" in NotJustBrowsing terms, in above referred context, entries in this collection may point to documents written by employees (all levels) for what they are doing ? Entries in a "Collection" may point to reports prepared by team leader or managers as well.

Internal Mail Unloading
Burden on the mail system can be reduced by utilizing NotJustBrowsing's capabilities.
A view created for this purpose may be placed in every employee's "Shelf". The structure of this view (e.g., Announcements) may look like as in the following structure.

A Collection called Announcements

          subject-xyz, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
          subject-pqr, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Ayz, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Ayz, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Byz, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Byz, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Ap1, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Ap2, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Bp1, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00
            subject-Bp2, date:00:00:00 time: 00:00

This procedure needs a few basic things, like names of the documents and where they are placed on the intranet. A "Collection" can be made available to all employees or can be accessed from one place only.
Information will be passed to everybody without being distributed to everyone.

Bureaucratic Time Saving
By setting a structure for reporting, time can be saved and utilized for other things.
For example, starting from individual reports moving on to project reports, managerial reports, divisional reports to sales and marketing reports. These reports does not have to be lengthy documents, a one to two paragraph reports will enable top level executives to see what is happening under their feet (provided if they want to know) at all times.
At the end of the day, an executive before meeting his/her managers can review the progress of everything.

Documents Viewing Management
Instead of browsing the whole directory structure of organization by every employee, a set of Collections can be prepared by every manager for his/her section to be used by all employees in the section.

What Next ?
If you do understand what is said above, it means you need NotJustBrowsing.

New Release: Linear Browser Component is released as a freeware for programmers. Programmers are no more restricted to single page web browsing component, they can utilize the power of linear browsing. 19 March 2015
Munayyam is working on mobile edition of linear browsing. He is to produce NotJustBrowsing for Mobiles for his Master's project. He is a hard working and talented student. He will be responsible for NotJustBrowsing for mobile devices from now onwards.
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