History in the Making
User interested in the subject of history may want to write as it is in the making.
Such a material collected by enthusiasts can be combined to form a part of the history on a particular matter. The good thing about this collection will be that it will be representing different views on the same subject. Otherwise history has always had a portion of biasness.

Try your imagination to capture a subject that you think may change the course of the future (e.g., genetically modified food and some famous people's views on this subject).
Try capturing events during a war, for example.
Try documenting a trial of a famous person, all a user has to do is to save the relevant pages on his storage and make them viewable using NotJustBrowsing.

New Release: Verbial Iconic Menu System (code named Basanti) is released as a freeware for programmers. Programmers are no more restricted to producing low value menu systems. 19 March 2015
Umair is working towards the creation of a new search engine. Impact of his hard legendary work will be very far reaching.
Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge
An organized collection of URL's to share. Exclusively for NotJustBrowsing® users.
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is a linear solution for all your needs. To be released soon.
NotJustBrowsing® for Mobile
NotJustBrowsing® for mobile devices. To be released soon.
Linear Browser Component
Use Linear Browser instead of Web Browser component. Linear browsing power for programmers.
Verbial Iconic Menu System Library (.dll) for programmers to utilize for the creation of customized menus for their applications.


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