It is good to have internet ready for students to acquire the knowledge that was very far a couple of years ago.
A search and subsequent collection of documents related to the assignment can be put together with added notes to support. Hence preparing an assignment that will be better than the existing material available will enhance the contents on the subject and placing new contents will make more versatile contents available again for other students.
Getting something from and leaving more on to the world wide web will enhance the quality of the material available on the subject.

Result: Contents on a particular topic will mature to a perfection level.

Projects presented using NotJustBrowsing can easily be viewed in detail. Inherent in the design of NotJustBrowsing, is the facility to move around within a collection of documents easily.
A project can also be presented as a draft document for comments from the tutor/teacher.

Dissertation & Thesis
It will be helpful to collect all the background material on the subject of dissertation/thesis in one place at the beginning.

Layout of the dissertation/thesis can be prepared in advance, starting from title page to the references and appendices including planned chapters. Contents can be drawn into the scheme as and when they are available.

Always keep notes on the contents that you may keep for later reference.

Examination Preparations
Contents available to be viewed using NotJustBrowsing can be browsed easily to go through course work in less time, utilizing multiple browsing.

Munayyam is working on mobile edition of linear browsing. He is to produce NotJustBrowsing for Mobiles for his Master's project. He is a hard working and talented student. He will be responsible for NotJustBrowsing for mobile devices from now onwards.
Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge
An organized collection of URL's to share. Exclusively for NotJustBrowsing® users.
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is a linear solution for all your needs. To be released soon.
NotJustBrowsing® for Mobile
NotJustBrowsing® for mobile devices. To be released soon.
Linear Browser Component
Use Linear Browser instead of Web Browser component. Linear browsing power for programmers.
Verbial Iconic Menu System Library (.dll) for programmers to utilize for the creation of customized menus for their applications.


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