NotJustBrowsing is designed for Mix 2 Match.

A user can combine different web pages from different newspapers to form their own taste of news. One user may wish to see the headlines only from all his/her favorite newspapers. Another user would like to read editorial pages together from his/her chosen newspapers.

Mix2Match has no limit on what you can mix and what not.
A user might want to combine documents available on world wide web, to form a book, magazine, dossier, photo album etc.
A guide or an architectural overview of towns and cities can also be compiled by a combination of users.
A guide of travel destinations prepared by the visitors can be a good example for the future visitors of that place.
When the user community of NotJustBrowsing will grow then there will be more examples to share. A separate section is planned for users intuitive work in near future.

New Release: Verbial Iconic Menu System (code named Basanti) is released as a freeware for programmers. Programmers are no more restricted to producing low value menu systems. 19 March 2015
Fasi is working on Linear Browser Component (LBC) for his Master's project. He took it seriously and have gone through a lot of code to understand browsers and browser components. He is determined to take his work on LBC forward. He is a rising star.
Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge
An organized collection of URL's to share. Exclusively for NotJustBrowsing® users.
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop
NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is a linear solution for all your needs. To be released soon.
NotJustBrowsing® for Mobile
NotJustBrowsing® for mobile devices. To be released soon.
Linear Browser Component
Use Linear Browser instead of Web Browser component. Linear browsing power for programmers.
Verbial Iconic Menu System Library (.dll) for programmers to utilize for the creation of customized menus for their applications.


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